The White House

Last week, I went to a conference in Washington, DC. I didn’t have much time to visit all attractions. But I still managed some time (at night and a couple hour before the plan leave) to see the White House, World War II Memorial, Lincoln Monument. Check out the pictures I took.


The police almost came to me, but he saw that I didn’t actually cross the fence.  After we took this picture, there was a guy did the same thing.  “This is a good idea” he said.


6 thoughts on “The White House

  1. Pictures are nice. They make me missed blue sky holidays.
    Those places at night are also beautiful. I have never visited them at night.

    SO GLAD that you were not captured by police ^^^_^^^
    I heard that there were lot of people tried to climb the White House fench. Of course, they were arrested.


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