On my bench

I just bought a small plant from a small shop at school. I thought it would look good on my bench. I’m not sure how long it will survive, because I don’t good at taking care things.


The buffalo reminds me to study hard if I don’t want to be stupid like that buffalo.



14 thoughts on “On my bench

  1. Hey there, such a fancy website! Didn’t know you are so talented!! I’ll for sure come by from now on all the time!!!
    Haven’t seen you for a while. Hope everything goes fine… Thank you for your visit to my blog and those warm wishes:) I’ll definately talk with you about my trip in EU when I’m back– if I can go in time.

    Final’s coming again. Best luck for both of us^_^

  2. Re: jommoj, pk, Janny
    Thanks for comment. I did search “ควาย” on Thai wikipedia. It didn’t say why we compare “ควาย” for a stupid person. I think maybe “ควาย” works hard with poor farmer.

    Re: mymoney
    Thanks krub. I think I use a Nikon. I didn’t bring my A80. 🙂 Your A70 is a good one too.


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