New Year Resolution or Not?

Last year I did make any New Year Resolution because I knew that I couldn’t keep it up.  However, I did some excercise, meditation, and study.  I didn’t save any money becuse I bought a car and a Mac.

How about this year??? I won’t set up any Resolution due to the same reason.  But I’ll excercise every week.

Today work out:  the result was really unsatify, cause I did only one forth of what I usually did last month.  My weight is 183 lbs.


5 thoughts on “New Year Resolution or Not?

  1. ” FACT (สุภิญญา กลางนรงค์) ”

    FACT is more than K.Supinya na krub 🙂
    (in every press releases, they will be signed with two names, CJ Hinke and Supinya Klangnarong)
    … actually, most of the movement is pushed by CJ Hinke, a very amazingly energetic man.
    and the website is maintained by CJ and his web team (2-3 people).



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