Don’t try to understand

I was trying to understand one girl, but it’s really hard to do. Then I realized that “don’t try to understand her”. I just simply listen her carefully!! And ask simply question “how do you feel?”

Do you have any suggestion how to date a girl?



Happy Chinese New Year. I didn’t do anything accept buying a GPS. I’ve been watching this since last Thanksgiving. Now it’s on sale at the same price it was during Thanksgiving. Instead I didn’t have to go there early, wait in line, and confront the crowd.

Awesome device. Now I will not get lost agian.




Another Tag…. Wallpaper Tag

First of all, happy Valentine’s Day to you all (singles or couples).

I just got a blog tag from Bee Fullfilled (who got it from Jujoop).

1.แปะ Wallpaper ที่ใช้อยู่ตอนนี้ของคุณ ไม่ว่าจะเป็นในคอม หรือว่า น้องโน้ต (กรุณาเอาตามจริง อย่าสร้างภาพ 555)


2. บอก OS ที่ใช้, resolution หน้าจอ…..(บอกมาซะดีๆๆ…ว่าแต่ให้บอกทำไมนิ)
Mac OS X, resolution 1024 x 728.

3. ระบุหน่อยว่าเอามาจากไหน (web ที่ d/l, ถ้าเป็นรูปถ่าย บอกหน่อยว่ามาจากที่ไหน)
It’s a default of Apple. I just too lazy to change.

4. เหตุใดถึงเลือกมาเป็น wallpaper
Simple is the best.

5. จากนั้น Tag ต่อไปอีก 5 คน (too much)






iPod doesn’t kill people, idiot gets killed

Using an iPod, BlackBerry and other Gadgets during across street in New York could get fine $100!!

LAST week, Carl Kruger, a Democratic state senator representing New York’s 27th District in South Brooklyn, introduced a bill into the Legislature that would, he said, tackle the pressing problem of “iPod oblivion.”

Punishment for violators would include a court summons and a $100 fine.

Example case:

a 23-year-old man from the Bergen Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn who was killed last month while crossing the street at Avenue T and East 71st Street — while jamming to his iPod.

Why people don’t use their common sense?  Why do they need this LAW?

Six Degrees Of Separation

The Six Degrees Of Separation is not new. It’s been on the news years ago. The ABC made movie “Six Degrees“, but I don’t know if it involves with “The Six Degrees Of Separation”

What it is?? According to It…

refers to the idea that, if a person is one “step” away from each person he or she knows and two “steps” away from each person who is known by one of the people he or she knows, then everyone is no more than six “steps” away from each person on Earth.

Some of the result:

In 2001, Duncan Watts, a professor at Columbia University, attempted to recreate Milgram’s experiment on the internet, using an e-mail message as the “package” that needed to be delivered, with 48,000 senders and 19 targets (in 157 countries). Watts found that the average (though not maximum) number of intermediaries was around six. This finding is surprising, given the worldwide nature of the Internet.

Last week, I had experienced somthing like this. Except it’s only TWO Degrees. I knew friends of my friends (three cases). Then i thought “Six Degrees” may be possible!! huh?

I love FREE food.

We (students) love FREE FOOD.   It used to have free pizza in collage all the time.  Every seminar, meeting.  Nowadays, there is not so much free food anymore.  Only coffee is served.

Fortunately, at my apartment, they always have free food (every month).   Last month, it was Chicken Teriyaki (I don’t remember).  Tonight, it was the “SOUL FOOD” of African American.  It’s good.

more info at wikipedia


Last weekend, my friends and I had three parties from Friday to Sunday. Friday, it was my call. Saturday, it was incident. We accidentally met and went to dinner later. Sunday, it was the SuperBowl party.

At the last party, I met two very impressive people. I knew them for a long time ago on their web spaces, but I’d never actually met them. I only knew about their L O V E (at the first sign). They were SOUL mate, I should say.

I’s glad that I met them. Have to TumBoon more to be like them.