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รักดวงมาน** มุทิตา*** อัชฌา*ไป

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อัชฌาสัย* (อัด-ชา-ไส) = นิสัยใจคอ, ความรู้จักผ่อนปรน, ใช้ว่า อัชฌา ก็มี
มาน** = ใจ, ดวงใจ, เช่น ดวงมาน
มุทิตา*** (มุ-ทิ-ตา) = ความมีจิตพลอยยินดีในลาภยศสรรเสริญสุขของผู้อื่น
เป็นข้อ ๑ ในพรหมวิหาร ๔ คือ เมตตา กรุณา มุทิตา อุเบกขา



What do you feel when you read a blog that’s really long (on and on)? Or it doesn’t seem to have any conclusion. Moreover, some blog put a long article at the front page.  For example,

Why can’t they just SUMMARIZE a content and put “continue to read” or “read more” link underneath.

Here is Dan Rather‘s suggestion. KISS

Keep It Short…. Stupid

Copy Cat, Son of a B!t@h

Last Tuesday, I had a lab meeting. Basically, our boss wanted to know the progress of lab members’ work. One technician and I originally initiated a project. There was one India guy, who came back from a vacation later, tried to fit into this project. But he was too lazy, even the technician tried to push him.

In the meeting, this India guy repeatedly talked on my experiment and conclusion. (Even I already made my point and conclusion). Sadly, his English was better than me. He spoke like he did all the experiments and analysis. My boss thought so. This son of a b!t@h had none of his work to talk about, and copied my point. I was so mad.

I have a solution to beat him. Punch him in a big nose!! No. I’ll get a better result than his. I’ll do more and better experiment than him.