Thai version of Digg

Check this out. It’s similar to but it’s Thai version.

– two guys

– sitting on a couch

– with two laptops

– and logo on their laptop

Well…nothing wrong with coping Digg.  Instead I thought this’s really good for Thai.  They can get more knowledgeable  from this website!!

I just want to complain only one thing. The movie is really really really slow!! They should put on free vdo websites.


Torn apart for something better

Last night I spent more than three hours to tear apart my iBook G4 and take off the old hard drive (Thanks to for the instruction). Then I put the new bigger hard drive. At the end, there was one part left off!!! Heck!!

a SPRING was left off !!!!

******* Updated **********

the spring is a ejecting battery mechanism.

Got confused

(just complained)

Why a girl is always difficult to understand? huh? huh? There is a girl I know. She always talked about her problem, and I were gladly to listen to her. Couple days ago, she asked me if I wanted to share any problem with her.

That’s great, I thought. We could share our problems and thought. But the question was too broad. I said what topic you would like to know.
“All of it” she said.
Since the limitation of time, we had to end the conversation. I said “I’ll tell you next time”.

Later, I tried to tell her about my families, who they were, what problem we had. She wasn’t eager to ask or hear anything. she just didn’t want to talk about anything. WHAT’S GOING ON?


*** updated 05/24 ***

I just want to add some picture. It’s nothing to do with this topic.

Mazda 3.141592653589793238462643383