Got confused

(just complained)

Why a girl is always difficult to understand? huh? huh? There is a girl I know. She always talked about her problem, and I were gladly to listen to her. Couple days ago, she asked me if I wanted to share any problem with her.

That’s great, I thought. We could share our problems and thought. But the question was too broad. I said what topic you would like to know.
“All of it” she said.
Since the limitation of time, we had to end the conversation. I said “I’ll tell you next time”.

Later, I tried to tell her about my families, who they were, what problem we had. She wasn’t eager to ask or hear anything. she just didn’t want to talk about anything. WHAT’S GOING ON?


*** updated 05/24 ***

I just want to add some picture. It’s nothing to do with this topic.

Mazda 3.141592653589793238462643383



12 thoughts on “Got confused

  1. The situation happened to you is pretty common, I think. Woman, in my perception, is so sensitive and emotional and she might not express anything you can understand clearly. The worst case is she might totally express opposite emotion or behavior that you would have no idea with her at all.

  2. I have one of my female friend that always use to be like this.
    She just wanted to ask me some questions so she can continue to another topic that she really wanted to talk about (I think the answer can be anything except : I’ll tell you later)

    ..well,I don’t really know.
    But that’s what my friend always use to be.
    Same case,maybe? 😀

    P.S. Thank you that you always visit my blog even it’s hardly update.

  3. เวลาผมจะเลิกกับเพื่อนสาว ก็คือเวลาที่เราหมดเรื่องคุยกัน
    เวลาที่เราหมดคำสนทนา ที่ออกมาจากใจ


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