How not to blog!!!

I read an article on about how she made mistakes in her blogging. I would like to point out her last mistake.

10 – I slammed a future good friend
Back in January I took Aaron Wall to task for a mention of mommy bloggers I wasn’t particularly happy about. In retrospect, I wish I had emailed him first rather than calling him out publicly – especially because little did I know I was going to meet him in person only a few short weeks later.

This is similar to some of Thai blog that I’ve visited. Either the blog owner or friends gave a hard time to visitors. The sooner or later, they will leave that blog.

This idea is also expansed to webboard and other free speech (Thai like to say).


One thought on “How not to blog!!!

  1. Make sure before any blog post, web board post that you will not regret when you come back to read it again in the future. This should save a bunch of problem that might come. Who knows who reading, the reader might know you in the way that you might not intent to.

    Just recall, actually it is not just only the Blog, Web Board, but also e-mail. Many people don’t realized how fast and easy to have e-mail float around the world. And worst yet, sometimes the press get into that too and put into the mainstream media. It happend before, and it will again and again.


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