Inbox Zero

This post is a summary of Merlin’s “Inbox Zero”. Merlins Mann gave a talk at Google about how to manage your e-mail.

Since I had a Gmail account, I’ve never deleted my e-mail anymore. I forward the school e-mail to Gmail to backup (also searching purpose).  If you are still deleting e-mail, go get a Gmail or Yahoo mail.

But sometime your life is more complicated and busy. You need to manage you daily task (e-mail).

Merlin explained his strategy to manage his e-mail.  Action-based e-mail.

– Delete (actually he didn’t delete it. He just put into Archive)

– Delegate (forward to other)

– Respond (something that you can do it right away)

– Defer (waiting to do later)

– Do (spend a quite time to do it)


8 thoughts on “Inbox Zero

  1. @monocletime
    forwarding the company e-mail may not be a good idea. Please check with your company policy.

    I love gmail, but I shouldn’t relay on just one e-mail for backup purpose, should I?

    When you Archive your (selected) e-mail, it will be moved out of the inbox. But your e-mail is still there in the “all e-mail”.
    I’ve never used this feature though. Just leave every e-mail in the inbox.

    @Khun T
    They are very similar. I think Merline got this from GTD (Getting Thing Done).


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