102nd Post

wow, I’ve wrote 102 posts on my blog. They were all craps. 5555


Almost Home

I’m visiting home. So little time to spend with family.

Updated 08/19/07

Before go home, I had to go to a conference in Korea. The Korean girls are really really cute and polite (but the the old girl though 555). Almost fall in love with the air hostage who had a great smile, and can’t speak English well.

All meal were served with kimchi, which is delicious.

Updated 08/22/07

It’s not common to find a cup of real coffee. So I have to relay on instance coffee, which is very popular in Korea.

Super hi-tech toilet in the hotel room. I can’t read Korean language, so I had to trial and error. I love when the water-head move forward and backward. 555

Self Heating Coffee Can

Last week I went to grocery shopping. I found this coffee for $2.50. So I gave it a try.

– Front

– Back (look at the circle with Pink color)

– Open the bottom, and pop the green liquid. Leave it for 5 mins.

– Until the circle turn white.

– Then it’s ready to drink!!


– Temperature is quite hot.

– Time: it’s very convience.

– Taste: It’s suck!! It just likes a regular can coffee.

– Environment: I’m still curious how bad it is to the environment. Chemical, plastic. Well…there is a text “Please Recycle” on the label though.

Updated 08/06/07

I did some research (just google) on how it works.

Check out pictures inside of the container.


“So there it is, an exothermic reaction (gives heat off) with water and calcium oxide.”

here is another link from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-heating_can

A self-heating can is an extension of the common food can. It involves the use of dual chambered cans, where an inner chamber holds the food or drink and the outer chamber houses chemicals that undergo an exothermic reaction when combined. When someone wants to eat the food, they pull a ring on the can that breaks the barrier separating the chemicals in the outer chamber. After the heat has been absorbed by the food, the eater can then enjoy a hot meal or drink. While it offers benefits to campers and people eating away from a stove or microwave, the concept is not yet widespread because of the added expenses and problems with heating the food evenly.

More view about pros and cons of the new constitution

Please read these articles: (from http://www.bangkokbiznews.com)







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