Almost Home

I’m visiting home. So little time to spend with family.

Updated 08/19/07

Before go home, I had to go to a conference in Korea. The Korean girls are really really cute and polite (but the the old girl though 555). Almost fall in love with the air hostage who had a great smile, and can’t speak English well.

All meal were served with kimchi, which is delicious.

Updated 08/22/07

It’s not common to find a cup of real coffee. So I have to relay on instance coffee, which is very popular in Korea.

Super hi-tech toilet in the hotel room. I can’t read Korean language, so I had to trial and error. I love when the water-head move forward and backward. 555


19 thoughts on “Almost Home

  1. หวัดดีพี่เล็ก

    อืม ไฮเทคดีเนอะ แล้วปุ่มไหนมันเป็นปุ่มไหนละ กดผิด กดถูกละยุ่งเลย ๕๕๕

    แล้วเมื่อไรจะเอารูป แอร์สาวมาให้ลุง sp เค้าดูละ “หื่นขนาดนัก” จริงๆ หุๆๆๆๆ

    ไปดีฟ่า ………………..


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