My Wish List for Christmas

  1. 20-inch iMac $1150iMac
  2. Nabaztag $189Nabaztag/tag 
  3. Poker Texas Hold’em Card Shuffler $16.99Poker Texas Hold’em Card Shuffler
  4. Senseo coffeemaker $64.99 41niqpycckl_ss260_.jpg


  • My saving is gone with unexpected tuition fee (expected actually). My wish list would never come true.

12 thoughts on “My Wish List for Christmas

  1. Can’t find them in Thailand.. except only the iMac.. I guess.

    My wishlist would be tickets, hotels, and tourguide for my mum and me to the Southern Island of New Zealand :p

    I actually began blogging and diary writing somewhere else before WP, such as DiaryHub (in the very first era before today’s version and before DiaryIs emerged), Yahoo 360 and Blogger. And after a confusion on DiaryHub, I changed to Yahoo 360 and maintained my writing in English because most users there are not Thais.

    Some posts in the Eng blog you visited are from Yahoo 360 and some are from Blogger. :p

    I actually just started the Eng blog at WP not long ago..

  2. หวัดดีพี่เล็ก
    อันที่ 2 มันคือไรอ่ะ น่ารักดี ที่ใส่ไม้จิ้มฟันป่ะ ^_^

    เห็นบอกว่าอยากกินหมูป่า มีแต่หมูบาล์มอ่ะ แทนกันได้ม่ะ คริ คริ 😉



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