iPhone 2.0

This weekend is too short. On Saturday I took my friends to Apple store to get a new MacBook. She also got a free iPod Touch ($299) and free printer ($99)….(after rebate). And we went to Sport Center to buy camping gear (sleeping bag and lamp). I already got a tent.

 (Cleaning up a tent. I got it for free from other Thai student)

On Sunday, I got a good news that we could unlocked and jailbroken the first gen iPhone (for new iPhone 2.0 software). I started the process since last night, but I encountered problems. First, the program couldn’t load. In the morning, some guy post a solution on the web. So I passed that. Second, it couldn’t see as DFU. I went back to the web and looked for a solution. It’s posted. Finally I’d got my iPhone unlocked. The new feature (iPhone App) was great.



4 thoughts on “iPhone 2.0

  1. เหอๆ มี twitter กับ last.fm ซะด้วยซิ 🙂

    โหย … ทำไมโปรโมชั่นที่ US มันดีแบบนี้หว่า ซื้อ macbook แถม iPod Touch เมืองไทยราคาแพงกว่ามากมายไม่แถมอะไรซักอย่าง 😦


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