Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to you all. What is your plan for this holidays? I’ll be studying, if I’m not too lazy. And go to friend’s house to have some dinner.

My online friend went to “Blind student school” at CheingMai, and made some donation. They sang a new year song, and wished you all a happyness.

Thank you poppyw

” ขออวยพรให้เพื่อนๆชาว Freemac ล่วงหน้านะคะ เพราะอาทิตย์หน้างานคงจะยุ่งมากๆ

เรามีโอกาสได้ไปทำบุญเลี้ยงอาหารให้กับน้องๆคนตาบอดที่โรงเรียนสอนคนตาบอด จ.เชียงใหม่ น้องๆเค้าฝากอวยพรมาให้พวกเราทุกคนด้วย…น่ารักและอบอุ่นมากๆค่ะ.. ” poppyw

Darn it!!

Since I did not exercise for almost a week, this evening I went to the gym. I went there at my usual time. Unexpectedly, I saw her was running on a machine. I suddenly hid behind a big pole.

“Was it her??” I was thinking, I didn’t see her car.

It was impossible to look at her without being seen.

I tried to look at her reflection on a glass wall, but it wasn’t clear.

Well…with all the respect, she is a good girl, and I’m a idiot. I’s not ready to meet her yet. I didn’t know what to say to her. Just say “Hi”???? Might be other occasion la kun.

After comparing pros and cons, I should leave the gym.

Darn it!! Today I did not exercise again….


James Kim was a senior editor of CNET.COM. He, his wife, Kati Kim, and the couple’s two daughters, Penelope, 4, and Sabine, seven months were missing after Thanksgiving.

Kati and the kids had been found on Monday with the car, nine days after missing. But James had left the car to get some help on Saturday. He left things which making the way back to his family. Sadly his body was found on Wednesday.

I would like honor this gentleman who made the ultimate sacrifice for his family.